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If you ever wondered "what happened to the quote we sent to that customer?" and nobody in your company knew how to find an answer, it is because you do not have an adequate record of your contacts and their activity with your company to help you grow. Here at Materia, we work with HubSpot as the engine of most of our projects to provide them with the power, customization and tools that thousands of marketing, sales and customer service teams around the world use every day with extraordinary results.
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 Why go HubSpot?
  • All-In-One platform that allows you to plan, execute and monitor actions of your marketing, sales and services teams.

  • Reduce the time your teams spend on automated tasks in an integrated environment.

  • Align your teams to handle the same information and improve the experience provided to your customers.

  • It allows you to more clearly visualize the return on investment in real time.
Why with us?
  • We are HubSpot Solutions Partners, which certifies us as a qualified agency to offer you and manage the tool.


  • Our staff is qualified and certified by HubSpot in the use of its platform and development of inbound strategies.


  • Save up to $ 6,000 in implementation costs. We offer you lower rates.


  • We have experience in implementing HubSpot with other clients, as well as developing inbound strategies.
Your marketing, sales and service teams will thank you

Teams require tools that allow them a positive workflow and experience throughout the buyer's journey. The friction in the process and the lack of information shared by the teams will mean that customers will not feel comfortable and do not get a pleasant experience.

With HubSpot and its Marketing, Sales and Customer Service modules, all your areas will be aware of what is happening and will be able to share and complete the information at the right moment of the customer's purchase process.



Just one tool
to fulfill all your needs

Manage all your tools from a single platform where they all work perfectly integrated to give you the best results. Take better control of your actions and attribution of your ROI.




Marketing-Hub Marketing Hub

Attract the right people through content management tools and monitor the performance of your actions through reports.

Manage your content strategy from the SEO tool where you can create clusters of keywords, pillar pages and analyze the traffic and results generated by your content.

Create email marketing campaigns and automated workflows to create lead nutrition and qualification processes based on the behavior of your contacts.

Manage your social accounts from your HubSpot portal and integrate them into your Inbound strategy. Plan, share and analyze your content from the same place.
Use the reporting panels to analyze your actions and make the best decisions in your strategy. Create custom reports and dashboards for every need.

Sales-Hub Sales Hub

Turn your leads into sales with less effort. Do not lose sight of any opportunity and give your team the necessary tools to sell more.

Track your prospects with automated email sequences that will be sent based on the contact's behavior. Never again will you lose sales opportunities due to lack of follow-up.
Manage all your businesses according to their stage and make forecasts of your sales. You can also automate actions according to each stage, saving time on repetitive tasks.
Generate meeting links where people can schedule an appointment in the calendar of your sales representatives.

Service-Hub Service Hub

Cautiva a tus clientes y conviértelos en promotores ayudándolos a resolver sus problemas en el menor tiempo posible y con un proceso de atención personalizada.

Crea una base de preguntas frecuentes de tu negocio para impulsar la autoatención de tus contactos. Alójala en tu dominio y categoriza las consultas para una mejor experiencia de búsqueda.
Gestiona los tickets de soporte en pipelines que te permitirán realizar un seguimiento a cada una de las solicitudes para asegurarte de que todas sean atendidas correctamente.
Envía encuestas de satisfacción automáticas a tus clientes para conocer cómo se sintieron luego de ser atendidos por tu equipo. También podrás integrar las encuestas a tu sitio web.


Give your website the power it needs with the HubSpot content manager that will allow you to host your website, Blog and Landing pages with extraordinary functions.

Deliver content to each visitor according to their needs and their behavior saved in your CRM.
It has the best security systems so that your website is not in danger. In addition, you have access to many tools that will allow you to optimize your site and improve page speed.
You decide the level of complexity that your website creation and management will have. Start from predesigned templates and use the drag and drop editor to build pages in minutes.
Create tables and databases to manage dynamic content that can be shown at multiple locations and update from one single place. Save time and increase the power of your website.
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